Heartland Alliance Health where healthcare finds a home.

July 18, 2022 6:20 am

Heartland Alliance Health is where healthcare finds a home for many homeless Chicagoans. HeartlandAlliance.org provides a safe place for many homeless Chicagoans to live. Furthermore Heartland helps with nutritious food and access to medical care. Participants served are those with the most challenges and fewest resources. Participants help with their own care by working with Heartland to achieve their long term goals of improved health and better quality of life. lastly participants partner with Heartland Health on their journey to physical and mental health by allowing them to provide services based on their needs. Another key point is that Heartland Health provides effective primary medical care and behavioral healthcare as well. They often go outside of their health-center to take healthcare to other shelters like The Franciscan House franoutreach.org as well as their own housing facility.

Heartland Alliance health has the following residential programs: Antonia Permanent Housing, Safe Haven and Pathways Home. They primarily serve those experiencing homelessness who struggle with mental illness and or substance abuse. The staff provides 90 single room occupancies, 46 of which are staffed 24 hours a day. Generally, the remaining units 12-24 hours per day. Heartland’s approach is based on the philosophy of harm reduction. They help participants decrease their high risk behaviors and increase healthy behavior. Consequently, 97% of participants adhere to the psychiatric meds and 100% of those recently discharged from the program remained housed 60 days later.

At Unitedgrinds.com we pledge our continued support to Heartland Alliance Health for helping the Chicagoland homeless. You can learn more at Heartlandalliance.org Support them by purchasing from our site or donate directly at Support.HeartlandAlliance.org. Heartland Healthcare, where healthcare finds a home for many homeless chicagoans.