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Leave it to the pros: United Grinds Coffee and Cold Beverage service.

April 15, 2023

We provide the highest quality beverage service so that you can fully enjoy your special event or occasion. After the event concludes, we will promptly return to collect the empty beverage containers, eliminating any post-event concerns for you. It’s all covered by us! Gourmet Coffee House Blends Our gourmet coffee house blends are sure to please any coffee connoisseur. Our Deep... View Article

Our Gourmet Coffee Service

April 8, 2023

With United Grinds, you can be assured that your employees, clients and guests will be refreshed and energized during your event. You can focus on your event while we handle the timely delivery & removal of your commercial coffee container seamlessly. You don’t have to worry about anything after the event is over. We will return to collect the empty urn and... View Article

Impress Your Guests with United Grinds Premium Coffee Service!

April 5, 2023

Welcome to United Grinds Premium Coffee Service! Elevate Your Events with Our Gourmet Coffee Service! ☕🎉 Are you hosting a meeting, conference, or special event in the Chicagoland area? Delight your guests with the rich aroma and unforgettable taste of United Grinds freshly brewed gourmet coffee! Choose between our 50 or 100 cup service, complete with all the essential coffee... View Article

Unite, sip and give with United Grinds Coffee!

March 31, 2023

If you like delicious gourmet coffee, you’ll want to check us out at Known for our delicious, high-quality blends, this premium coffee brand will satisfy even the most discerning coffee lover. We’re committed to sourcing only the best coffee beans from around the world, which sets us apart from other brands. We roast our Arabica beans to perfection to... View Article

Coffee + Kindness

March 19, 2023

Are you ready to indulge in an exceptional cup of coffee that not only tastes great but also makes a positive impact on the world? Look no further than United Grinds coffee, where you’ll experience a perfect blend of taste and kindness. When you purchase our coffee at, you’re not just getting a high-quality, rich-flavored brew; you’re also helping... View Article

Benefits of our United Grinds Coffee subscription.

January 3, 2023

United Grinds Coffee offers a convenient and affordable solution for coffee lovers: a coffee subscription. Not only will you save time and effort by having your coffee delivered straight to your door, but you’ll also have the opportunity to try a variety of unique and high-quality roasts. As a subscriber, you’ll have access to exclusive blends and single-origin beans that... View Article

Thank you United Grinds Coffee for donating a fabulous BBQ spread!

September 3, 2022

Thank you United Grinds Coffee for donating a fabulous BBQ spread for CHIL’s youth to enjoy and celebrate this Labor Day Weekend! Lorenzo Spearman, creator of United Grinds, has an incredible background story; Former social worker turned business owner, Lorenzo believes great people are everywhere, each has an important story to tell, and that Coffee can be the great connector... View Article

Heartland Alliance Health where healthcare finds a home.

July 18, 2022

Heartland Alliance Health is where healthcare finds a home for many homeless Chicagoans. provides a safe place for many homeless Chicagoans to live. Furthermore Heartland helps with nutritious food and access to medical care. Participants served are those with the most challenges and fewest resources. Participants help with their own care by working with Heartland to achieve their long... View Article

United Grinds Coffee June 2022 donation

July 2, 2022

We’ve awarded our June 2022 donation to Covenant house of Chicago. Their core belief is that no young person deserves to be homeless. Covenant House further believes that every young person in Illinois deserves shelter, food, clothing, education and most importantly, opportunity. United Grinds has pledged continued support to the Covenant House youth shelter program. We want to share the... View Article

The United Mission

May 17, 2022

I lived in Altgeld Gardens housing projects until 1975. Altgeld Gardens was a very tough place to live as a child. The people were nice but it was an impoverished, high crime area. Most of its residents were single moms with children on some form of public assistance.  In 1976 my family moved out of the housing project to a neighborhood called... View Article